Why we are different

Why we are different

3 ½ reasons why we are different

There’s a lot that’s different about PLUM...

1.We’ve done the hard yards:

  • At first glance we might look like a recruitment agency, but look deeper and you’ll see the PLUM team is made up of practicing and very experienced communication professionals.
  • We use our professional expertise and extensive communication networks to find great people for you – in a hurry – who can hit the ground running.
  • When you engage our consultants or contractors, you are engaging the expertise,experience and support of the entire PLUM Communication team.

2.We’re obsessed with the success of our contractors:

  • We help our client’s set KPIs for our contractors and provide professional coaching, knowledge sharing and tools to encourage high performance.
  • We nurture our contractors, challenge their thinking and celebrate their success.

3.We can work at our offices – or yours:

  • We are equipped to supply on-site contractors or off-site consulting services depending on your project needs.

½We’re low cost but high value:

  • All our value-added contractor and client support services and tools are provided at no extra cost.
  • Our off-site consulting rates cater for organisations wanting a quality, cost-effective alternative.

Our services are so distinct we are effortlessly added to preferred supplier panels as a specialist provider.