Contractor placement

Contractor Placement

Do you need a contractor?

We will act quickly to get you the right talent.

At PLUM, we are on a mission to create unparalleled value for our clients - and a nurturing ‘base’ for talented communicators.

PLUM people are handpicked from our extensive communication networks and our contractor database.

Where possible we work on referrals and recommendations. We are always on the lookout for the best communication talent.

But finding talent is just the beginning.

We want exceptional operators to join the PLUM team, so we go to great lengths to assess their communication proficiency and experience.

Once we place the right person, we then coach them, and share our expertise and resources with them at no extra cost to you!

Our obsession with success

From the beginning, we will work with you and the contractor to set KPIs, monitor their performance and provide on-demand coaching throughout the duration of the contract – at no extra cost to you. It’s an innovative, attention-to-detail service that is unique to PLUM Communication.

Our rates

PLUM contractor rates are very competitive, and can be charged hourly, daily or weekly, with the option to buyout our talented permanently if you really click with them. All fees include contractor on-costs and our placement, coaching and tool sharing services.

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PLUM Contractor Placement Process